A journey of a mother who is determined to rally America to mask up against COVID-19.

MaskTogetherAmerica is a grassroots, social media, mask awareness campaign. Created for mask advocates, artists and the mask fashion community to offer each other support as we rally America to mask up.

People in all…

Wearing a mask has been criticized as a sign of weakness, paranoia, lack of faith, infringement of civil rights, un-American, and most ridiculously, as something that can suffocate a wearer by lowering oxygen intake. …

The pots clanging followed by a distant hello

Since late March, the residents of our Upper Westside neighborhood started banging pots and pans, joining the rest of the city to cheer for the first responders and medical workers. Initially, whether I was cooking or between bites, I would grab my wok and wooden spatula. While my son covered…

My response to New York Times articleA Tragedy Is Unfolding’: Inside New York’s Virus Epicenter by Annie Correal and Andrew Jacobs

New York on Pause asks New Yorkers to flatten the curve by staying home. What about in-person workers of essential businesses? People who manage the parking garage…

“Today is March 20, 2020!” I said to myself, amazed to be able to recognize the unusual numerical pattern in the date, as I set out to share another anecdote about Wuhan, the central hub of China that is now infamous for starting the pandemic.

If you believe the numbers…

Dear New Yorkers,

As I write to you, 22 New Yorkers have been infected with coronavirus, 2,733 are currently in home isolation.

A healthcare worker who had recently returned from Iran marked the first case in New York. She and her husband have been isolated in their home in Manhattan.

Julie Lam

Founder of Mask with Us Facebook Group. Creator of MaskTogetherAmerica, a social media mask awareness campaign. Writer for New York Voice. Photographer.

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